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How can you work with ViTAL?

A main goal of ViTAL is to have our student audience be as involved with our club activities as possible. This aligns with our goal to be interdisciplinary and allow students to engage with healthcare in non-traditional ways. Check out the available positions below and if you are interested or have an idea of a new way to be involved, email us!

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Executive Board

E-Board elections are held every year in the spring. Check out the Meet the Team page to learn more about our team members and their responsibilities!

Involvement Opportunities

Interested in becoming involved with ViTAL? Check out our open positions below and reach out to us via email if interested in any or if you have any questions!

**Note: these positions are not e-board positions** Our e-board elections happen every year in the Spring. Currently, applications are not open. Check out the Meet the Team page to learn more about our team members and their responsibilities!

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Medium Writer

Do you have a topic in healthcare that you are interested in and want to write a piece about? Reach out to us to become a writer for our Medium and get to feature your unique take and ideas to ViTAL and the Northeastern community.

Medium Editor

Do you have experience in writing blog pieces and want to be more involved in the later-stages of piece writing for healthcare topics? Reach out to become an editor for our Medium. You also have the opportunity to write pieces, pitch ideas, and work with our executive board to find salient topics to cover

Podcast Writer

Interested in the process of writing for a podcast episode? ViTAL has our own podcast, called ViTAL Chats, and we would love your input on potential topics to cover and give you the opportunity to create a script

Podcast Speaker

Has anyone ever told you that you have a great “podcast voice”? If yes, reach out to be a speaker on one of our podcast episodes! You will have the opportunity to work with our writers and editors to determine a topic and give you the chance to incorporate your own voice with our podcast series

AboutFresh Volunteer

ViTAL is excited to collaborate with the Boston-based company AboutFresh. They work to provide fresh food to the households that need it the most. If you are interested in signing up for a shift at one of their food truck locations in the Greater Boston area, reach out and we would be happy to coordinate!

Work with the Health Science Entrepreneurs

ViTAL works closely with the Northeastern organization, Health Science Entrepreneurs (HSE). They promote health science innovation by educating and equipping Northeastern-based health start-ups with resources for success through mentoring and workshops. Reach out to learn of potential opportunities to work with them!

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To apply, email

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