Club Programming

Club Programming

Join us on Thursdays, from 6-7PM EST (in person) for a variety of events

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ViTAL Connect Speaker Events

ViTAL is honored to host speaker panels featuring distinguished industry professionals addressing broad healthcare themes from a variety of perspectives. Each month, ViTAL centers around a major theme in healthcare, and students have the opportunity to learn about how each speaker's discipline and background make an impact in the topic. ViTAL members participate in small-group networking with each guest speakers after a guided Q&A, allowing them to learn how the speaker's path aligns with their own. ViTAL Connect events are a great way for students to learn about different career in healthcare and connect with professionals in the field. Our Spring 2023 ViTAL Connect themes were Social Determinants of Health, Personalized Healthcare, Global Health, and Preventative Healthcare.

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Past Speakers

Tal Zaks, MD, CMO of Moderna Therapeutics

Rushika Fernandoupulle, MD, CEO of Iora Health

Graham Gardner, MD MBA, CEO of Kyruus Health

Liz Asai, CEO of 3Derm (acquired)

Elizabeth Gazda, CEO of Embr Labs

Upcoming Event

Stay Tuned

Check back in Fall 2021 for our upcoming events!

Recent Event

Community Engagement Event

A fun night for learning more about the ViTAL team. Occurred on April 15th but feel free to reach out to any of the team members through the team page!

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ViTAL Meet Events

ViTAL wants to ensure that we stay true to our mission of being an interdisciplinary organization supporting students who have an interest in the different paths available in healthcare. ViTAL Meet is our program of engaging events where students can develop pre-professional and academic skills while getting to know their peers and doing team-based activities. Introduction to Networking and Co-op Discovery are two examples of past ViTAL Meet events; after an overview of the topic, students dispersed into smaller groups to practice networking, learn about co-ops that other members have done, and connect with other students also interested in healthcare!

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ViTAL aims to give back to the Boston community by organizing community service events where students can volunteer with fellow ViTAL members! In the past, we've hosted both fundraisers and in-person events for organizations like Greater Boston Food Bank, Friendshipworks, Project Heal, and Fenway Cares. Email us if you have an organization you'd like ViTAL to volunteer with and visit our social media to see past/upcoming volunteering events!

Case Competition

ViTAL provides a space for students to explore events in the Boston area together. Boston is widely hailed as a hub for healthcare innovation, including but not limited to life sciences and digital health. Created by and for undergraduates who are interested in the intersection of healthcare, tech, and business, Husky Health Innovation Challenge (HHIC) was founded in 2018 as the first healthcare focused case competition for undergraduates in the Greater Boston Area.


One of the most important aspects of ViTAL is the community that has been built among our students. Through initiatives like ViTAL Inspire Program, ViTAL's peer-to-peer mentorship program, and our new networking spreadsheet, where students can connect with other ViTAL members to learning more about what their peers have been involved in, we aim to build an inclusive network of individuals interested in healthcare. Members are encouraged to reach out to others, participate in mentorship, and share advice about their experiences.